Special of the Month

In December, diners who visit TexGrill will experience the full festive menu under the painstaking preparation of talented chefs just for you.

Special of the month - New menu for festive season 2022

Welcoming the festive season,  TexGrill has launched a Special of the Month menu to officially serve customers  from December 1, 2022.

  • Spicy thyme noodles served with seabass, pan-fried tiger shrimp and asparagus bring a new and more special experience than the traditional menu.

  • Salad is a combination of the cool flavors of crab, seaweed, sprouts, almonds and grilled beef mixed with honey sesame sauce to help balance your party.

A sweet and cool dessert with almond apple pie and creamy vanilla ice cream will bring a perfect ending to your culinary journey

The Special of the Month menu will be served at 4 restaurants, including TexGrill Minh Khai, Van Cao, Vinhome Imperia, Waterfront (Cau Rao 2).

Schedule and come to TexGrill in December to feel this greatness!

Texgrill - 15 years associated with Dat Cang customers

Texgrill is proud to be one of the largest F&B brands of Port City with more than 15 years of establishment and development. Up to now, the Texgrill brand has had 5 facilities in the busy streets of Hai Phong to serve the needs of customers to enjoy European cuisine. With a staff of up to 400 people and especially talented chefs with many years of experience - Texgrill offers diners dishes prepared with standard recipes such as pizza, spaghetti, steak, .. . helps you fully enjoy the quintessence of European cuisine.

In addition, with many years of experience, the restaurant's chefs also create dishes that are both European and Vietnamese, so that customers can enjoy special flavors. The luxuriously decorated restaurant in European style will surely bring great emotions when you and your loved ones or friends have a culinary experience at Texgrill.

Texgrill Hai Phong

The place to enjoy the best pizza with a variety of favorite toppings and cheeses such as: seafood pizza, beef pizza, salmon pizza, etc.

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For the best service, customers who order pizza on the promotional day should call the restaurant in advance

☎ TexGrill 1:  ️02253.822.689 (27 Minh Khai)

☎ TexGrill 2:  ️02253.653.450 (111C Văn Cao)

☎ TexGrill 3:  ️02253.820.883 (BH03-23, Manhattan 10, Vinhomes Imperia)

☎ TexGrill 4:  02253.272.268 (AEON LE CHAN - HAI PHONG)

☎️ TexGrill 5: 02253.636.088 ( Số 2 đường 5 Waterfront, Lê Chân)

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