Eight secret tips for the best steak at home - Texgrill’s recipe


Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite steakhouse? What makes the difference between yours and the restaurant’s products? So how exactly do the chefs turn out steaks that are so tender and delicious? Let’s find out 8 secrets for the best steak at home. 



1. Choose the prime meat


You should be able to rely on your beef suppliers, just like any steakhouse worth your salt can. A good relationship with your local butcher can be the difference between a premium cut and a dud, even though you might not be buying meat in volume. This is due to the fact that your neighborhood butcher sells meat that is inherently unavailable at the grocery store, such as hormone-free, grass-fed, and meat from animals that were ethically bred. Additionally, they may offer you advice on various cuts and pointers for preparation and cooking times (via The Kitchn). Additionally, once you have a relationship with your butcher, they are more likely to remember your tastes and perhaps even save those unique slices they are confident you'll enjoy.


Various cuts of beef

Various cuts of beef


2. Let the meat rest 


For a number of reasons, experts concur that it's crucial to remove meat from the refrigerator before cooking. First off, when placing a cold cut of meat on a grill or a pan, the muscle tissue will contract, making it more difficult to distribute equal heat and raising the risk of burning.

However, you don't need to wait until the meat is exactly 72 degrees Fahrenheit as many documents show that. Just make sure that leaving the steak out of the fridge for around an hour.

Let the steaks rest out on the counter for at least 30 minutes before cooking. 


3. Pat the meat dry before cooking


Before putting steak on a pan or grill, it is essential to wipe it dry with paper towels, as many steakhouse chefs are aware of. This is crucial if the meat has leaked blood after being chopped. Simply place a stack of paper towels on top of your cuts. Place a second stack of paper towels on top of the cut after that. Gently pat the meat's sides with your hand. Put an end to the procedure by wiping away any extra blood.


Pat the meat dry

Pat the meat dry


4. Season well


Salt is the most crucial component you can ever add to a steak, thus you should at the absolute least generously season your steaks with salt and freshly cracked pepper. Do this before allowing the steaks to rest so the spice has a chance to penetrate the meat deeply. 


Salt is the most crucial component

Salt is the most crucial component 


Most steaks usually don't need much more than sea or kosher salt, ground black pepper, and perhaps a little bit of garlic. And salting is a crucial part of the seasoning process. Tender Greens Chef Pete Balistreri told Eat This, Not That, "Salt releases moisture in the muscle [of the meat] and releases the natural flavors of the steak."


5. Sear hot 


Heat a heavy frying pan until it’s very hot, but not smoking, then drizzle some olive oil in and leave for a moment. A hot cooking surface is extremely important to caramelize the outside of the steak and lock in the juices and flavor.

High heat also produces the variety of textures found in steaks of the steakhouse caliber: crispy on the surface and juicy and soft inside.


Wait for the pan hot

Heat the pan hot


Many of us have heard that overturning a steak while it is being grilled or seared in a skillet will spoil an otherwise excellent cut of meat. Samantha Love, the executive chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Horseshoe Baltimore, concurs. She advised Thrillist to wait for the Maillard reaction to occur before turning a steak, alluding to the high-temperature interaction of specific proteins and sugars that both browns the steak and gives it its unbelievably exquisite flavor. Professionals generally advise against flipping a steak more than once to avoid "agitating" the flesh (via Home Cook World).

Chef Thomson: Depending on your preference, for a 2-cm thick steak, to cook to: blue, 1 min per side; rare, 1½ mins per side; medium-rare, 2 mins per side; medium, about 2¼ mins per side; well-done, about 4-5 mins per side.


6. Add toppings 


Add the steak and then some garlic, butter, rosemary, and thyme.

A slab of butter is the most significant topping you could ever use on a sizzling steak. The butter melts down over the steak, mingling with the meat juices, to create its own luxurious sauce. 


Add toppings on the steak

Add toppings to the steak


7. Let the steak rest prior to serving


The time you let the cut rest should depend on its size — the bigger the steak, the longer it takes for the juices to redistribute themselves. Thin steaks should rest between five and seven minutes, while thicker cuts of meat should sit out on the plate for at least 10 minutes.

If you want to cut the meat prior to serving, always cut against the grain or perpendicular to the direction of the muscle fibers. Since muscle fibers can be on the tough side, slicing through them will make the beef more tender. 


Let the steak rest prior to serving

Let the steak rest prior to serving


Another trick to elevating your home dining experience to a restaurant level is by warming the plate prior to serving. This is because a warm plate helps to maintain an even temperature of the food while a cold one absorbs its heat, which could translate to a lukewarm steak.


8. Where to eat steak in Hai Phong, Viet Nam? 


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