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You do not have to go far to enjoy culinary quintessence from countries around the world when you can experience it right here at Texgrill. Take a tour with Texgrill today to discover cuisine from around the world! 


1. Asian cuisine

Besides, with the wet rice civilization that has been formed and developed for thousands of generations, it is not difficult to understand that rice is an indispensable dish in every meal of Asian families. At Texgrill, we serve dishes such as Fried Rice, Fried Rice with Ribs, and Beef Rattles that have been adapted to serve Western diners when they come to visit but still keep the tradition of Asian wet rice cuisine ASIAN.


1.1. Fried rice

With ingredients that are quite similar to the "Chicken Rice" dish of Vietnam, Texgrill still retains the traditional features of the national dish but still has a little European style. The dish is a combination of the crunchy taste of beef, the soft sweetness of shrimp, the aroma of rice, and the fresh taste of peas and corn to give you an irresistibly delicious taste and especially, eggs. Instead of being fried with rice like our forefathers did, at Texgrill, it was replaced with an omelet covering the surface, which looks very pleasing to the eye.


Fried Rice at Texgrill

Fried rice at Texgrill 

1.2. Ribs & Rice

As an upgraded version of Fried Rice, Rib Fried Rice with 4 soft and sweet grilled ribs and TexGrill's signature sauce makes readers smell the aroma through the small screen. This dish is served with fragrant, sweet, and delicious fried rice and vegetables, which will provide a full range of nutrients for the body and are extremely eye-catching.


Ribs & Rice at Texgrill

Ribs & Rice at Texgrill


1.3. Shaking beef

The beef in the shaking beef is taken from the lean core of the shoulder - the meat is cut from the meat between the shoulder and neck of the cow, so the meat has a certain crispness but is still soft, sweet, and fragrant, without being chewy thanks to the presence of the beef. regular amount of fat. More specifically, the dish is served with a little salad and french fries with delicate decoration, bringing the taste of Europe to the Vietnamese meal.


Shaking beef at Texgrill

Shaking beef at Texgrill


2. European - American cuisine

If you have fallen in love with a certain country in Europe, then you must definitely try the typical dishes of that place. Because only then, you can feel all the cultural beauty that is blended into each flavor, which carries the breath of that land and only that one land. Let's take a look at some of the world-class cuisines available at Texgrill's house!


2.1. Italian cuisine

Italy was known for not being unified until the 19th century but its cuisine was recognized long before that. Archestratus - the first to write about Ys food, said that the taste should not be overwhelmed by other spices, herbs, and spices. Maybe that's why Italians cook with the style of the season, they always put the selection of ingredients with freshness first. Besides, Italian cuisine has its own characteristics of the Mediterranean Sea, focusing on natural ingredients such as tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, green vegetables, and whole grains. immediately the dishes that have brought Italian cuisine to the world such as Pizza, Spaghetti, ...


Pizza tuna at Texgrill

Pizza Tuna at Texgrill


2.2. French cuisine

If you have ever enjoyed the taste of French food, you will be strongly impressed by the elaborately prepared meals with sauces that are meticulously made for hours. The most perfect flavors. The French require the meal to have a combination of color, taste, and taste. In addition, this world-class cuisine also highlights the wine, the way people enjoy the glass as well as the fact that each wine is served with a certain type of food.



Burger - a very common dish 

2.3. American cuisine

America is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious race, that's why American cuisine is also extremely large. With the qualities passed down through thousands of generations such as being generous, rushing, and quite comfortable, the food here also reflects the nature of the people here when meeting for quick but nutritious meals. , to mention the names like Burger, sandwiches, and hot dogs, ... Besides, mentioning America without mentioning Steak is really a sin in the culinary world. Americans are very fond of meats such as beef, pork, and chicken.. and as the country with the largest meat consumption in Europe, large foods seem to have become a feature of the diet. of Americans around the world.


Tenderloin steak at Texgrill

Tenderloin steak at Texgrill


Above, we have introduced to readers a miniature culinary world present at Texgrill's house, hoping to provide you with basic information and an overview of the most typical cuisines. Currently. Have a great day, study, and work effectively!


3. Texgrill


Texgrill is proud to be one of the largest F&B brands of Port City with more than 15 years of establishment and development. Up to now, the Texgrill brand has had 5 facilities in the busy streets of Hai Phong to serve the needs of customers to enjoy European cuisine. With a staff of up to 400 people and especially talented chefs with many years of experience - Texgrill offers diners dishes prepared with standard recipes such as pizza, spaghetti, steak, .. . helping you fully enjoy the quintessence of European cuisine.


In addition, with many years of experience, the restaurant's chefs also create dishes that are both European and Vietnamese, so that customers can enjoy special flavors. The luxuriously decorated restaurant in European style will surely bring great emotions when you and your loved ones or friends have a culinary experience at Texgrill.



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