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Steak Van Cao is a European restaurant in Hai Phong which serves numerous tasty dishes such as pizza, spaghetti, burger... Among them, beef steak is a popular and preferred dish all over the world, especially in Western countries. This dish is made from premium beef, marinated with spices, and served with sauce, then grilled or fried on a pot or a layer of hot oil. This is an attractive and extremely nutritious dish, providing essential nutrients for the human body. Let's learn more about this with Texgrill!


1. Providing an abundant amount of protein - Steak Van Cao


Beef is one of the most protein-rich foods, and it also contains a variety of healthy vitamins and minerals. In 100g of beef, there are about 28g of protein, and 10g of lipid, along with vitamins (B12, B6), and minerals (carnitine, potassium, zinc, iron, ...) and provide 280 kcal of energy, all of which are organic sources of energy for the body.


Providing an abundant amount of protein - Steak Van Cao


Providing an abundant amount of protein - Steak Van Cao


Proteins are important because they contain amino acids, which the body uses to "build" and repair muscle tissue. The body needs strong muscles to move and perform better physically. In addition, protein has weight loss benefits, as it helps reduce hunger, and the need to eat after eating the steak will be significantly reduced. Just one steak at Texgrill gives you the recommended amount of protein for an adult's daily serving.


2. Providing a high amount of iron - Steak Van Cao


Feeling tired or exhausted? Enjoying a steak will help you "recover" quickly. One health benefit of steak is that it provides 2.4mg of iron in every 85 grams of steak. Iron is a mineral that helps deliver oxygen to the lungs, aids digestion, and offers many other benefits. Iron deficiency can lead to fatigue, anemia, loss of concentration, and other behavioral problems.


Providing a high amount of iron - Steak Van Cao


Providing a high amount of iron - Steak Van Cao


However, if you want to increase the amount of iron in your diet, consider including other iron-rich foods such as beans, green vegetables, seeds, and whole grains to diversify your meal.


3.  Providing many vitamins - Steak Van Cao


Beef steak is a nutrient-dense food that contains several essential vitamins necessary for overall health, including digestion, nerve functioning, and the immune system. Here are some key vitamins found in beef steak


Providing many vitamins - Steak Van Cao


Providing many vitamins - Steak Van Cao


3.1. Vitamin B12


Beef steak is an excellent source of vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin. Vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in the formation of red blood cells, DNA synthesis, and proper functioning of the nervous system. It is essential for maintaining healthy nerve cells and supporting brain function. Adequate intake of vitamin B12 is particularly important for individuals following a vegetarian or vegan diet, as animal sources like beef are the primary dietary sources of this vitamin.


3.2. Vitamin B6


Beef steak is a good source of vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine. Vitamin B6 is involved in a wide range of bodily functions, including metabolism, neurotransmitter synthesis, and immune function. It plays a vital role in converting food into energy, promoting proper brain development and function, and supporting the production of red blood cells.


3.3. Niacin (Vitamin B3)


Beef steak contains niacin, which is important for the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Niacin plays a key role in energy production, as it is involved in the conversion of food into usable energy. It also helps maintain healthy skin, supports proper digestive function, and participates in the synthesis of DNA.


3.4. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)


Beef steak provides a significant amount of riboflavin, which is essential for energy production, cellular growth, and overall health. Riboflavin is involved in numerous metabolic processes, including the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. It also contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin, eyes, and red blood cells.


3.5. Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)


Beef steak contains pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5, which is involved in energy metabolism, hormone production, and the synthesis of cholesterol and fatty acids. Pantothenic acid is necessary for the proper functioning of the adrenal glands and plays a role in supporting healthy skin and hair.

It's important to note that the vitamin content of beef steak can vary depending on factors such as the cut of meat and the animal's diet. Additionally, the method of cooking can affect the vitamin content, with some vitamins being heat-sensitive and susceptible to degradation.


4. Providing a large amount of Zinc - Steak Van Cao


Beef steak is a rich source of zinc, a mineral important for immune function, metabolism, protein structure, and cell growth.

Zinc plays an important role in the body's immune system. It is involved in the development and functioning of immune cells, including growth cells, germ cells, and natural killer cells. Zinc helps strengthen resistance and resistance against infections.


Providing a large amount of Zinc - Steak Van Cao


Providing a large amount of Zinc - Steak Van Cao


Zinc is an important component of many enzymes in the body, playing a role in energy metabolism, metabolism, and fat breakdown. Zinc also helps maintain the acid-alkaline balance in the body and promotes digestion.

For Skin and Hair Cell Health: Zinc is important in maintaining skin and hair cell health. It supports the production and regeneration of skin cells, keeps skin healthy, and prevents dryness, inflammation and bleeding. Zinc also plays a role in the production of collagen and keratin fibers, which help maintain strong and shiny hair and nails.

For Reproductive Health: Zinc plays an important role in male and female reproductive health. In men, it is necessary for the development and functioning of sperm, as well as the production of testosterone. In women, zinc supports embryonic and fetal development.


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Above, Texgrill has learned with you about the nutritional value of beef steak, hopefully providing useful information to readers. To enjoy delicious steak dishes, contact us immediately for advice and to book a table!



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