Regional versions of beef steak at Texgrill - Steak Hai Phong

Texgrill or Steak Hai Phong is a famous restaurant in Hai Phong City with many years of serving customers. Referring to texgrill is to mention steak as a must. Beef steak has become a globally famous dish; each region has a different way of preparing and serving this dish, creating unique and characteristic versions for each culinary culture. Today, let's learn about versions of steak worldwide with Texgrill!


1. History of Beef Steak - Steak Hai Phong


Beefsteak originated from the West, made from thin, flat, and perpendicular cuts of beef with muscle fibers, then grilled or pan-fried with spices under different temperatures to create the right doneness with the taste of each diner. When enjoying, Beefsteak is often served with sauce and fresh vegetables to enhance the flavor.


History of Beef Steak - Steak Hai Phong


History of Beef Steak - Steak Hai Phong


Although not the origin of this dish, Asian countries, including Vietnam, have modified and created many versions of Beefsteak according to local culinary styles. With time, people became more strict with food, leading to the development of hundreds of Beefsteak dishes worldwide. This also makes this dish a specialty in many countries and regions worldwide. Here are some typical Beefsteak dishes from some countries around the globe.


2. Origins of Beef Steak - Steak Hai Phong


Beef steak, a popular dish enjoyed worldwide, originates in ancient culinary practices and the consumption of meat. The concept of eating meat dates back to prehistoric times when early humans started hunting animals for food. However, the origins of beef steak, as we know it today, can be traced to several historical and cultural factors.


2.1. Ancient Roots


The practice of cooking meat over an open fire is believed to have originated in the Paleolithic era, when early humans would roast or grill various animal meats, including beef. This method of cooking helped tenderize the meat and make it more palatable.


2.2. Development of Agriculture and Domestication of Cattle


Humans began domesticating animals for food as societies transitioned from hunter-gatherer lifestyles to settled agricultural communities. Cattle were among the first animals to be domesticated, providing a consistent source of meat, milk, and labor. With domestication, people had more control over cattle breeding, which likely resulted in the development of specific breeds suitable for beef production.


2.3. Culinary Traditions


The evolution of beef steak as a distinct dish can be attributed to different culinary traditions worldwide. For example, the Romans consumed beef in ancient Rome in various forms, including steaks. They would marinate the meat in vinegar and seasonings before grilling or frying it. Similarly, in medieval Europe, beef symbolized wealth and status, and steak dishes became popular among the nobility.


2.4. Industrialization and Cattle Ranching


The advent of industrialization in the 18th and 19th centuries led to significant advancements in meat production and distribution. The development of efficient transportation systems allowed beef to be transported over long distances, making it more accessible to a larger population. Cattle ranching also expanded during this time, particularly in regions like the United States, Argentina, and Australia, where large-scale cattle farming became economically viable.


2.5. Cultural Influences


Steak dishes have become ingrained in the culinary traditions of various cultures. For example, in the United States, the popularity of steak grew during the westward expansion, where cattle ranching thrived. The American tradition of grilling or barbecuing steaks remains prominent today. In Argentina, beef consumption, particularly grilled steak known as "asado," is deeply rooted in the country's culture and is considered a national dish.

Over time, advancements in meat processing techniques, cooking methods, and cultural exchange have contributed to the diverse range of beef steak preparations around the world. From classic cuts like ribeye and T-bone to regional specialties and modern innovations, beef steak continues evolving and captivating meat lovers globally.


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2. Japan Beef Steak - Steak Hai Phong


The Japanese people's special interest in food is reflected in the delicate and sophisticated way they prepare dishes. Even with dishes not from their own country, the Japanese turn them into typical Japanese dishes. The Japanese beefsteak dish is made with more layers of fat than other countries, interspersed with layers of meat, creating an image-like pattern.


Illustration photo of Japan Steak - Steak Hai Phong


Illustration photo of Japan Steak - Steak Hai Phong


In Japan, Beefsteak is usually served with cooked vegetables or rice. The biggest difference between Japanese Beefsteak is the way the sauce is prepared. The Japanese prefer to use sauces made from soy sauce and white radish. Therefore, the sauce for Beefsteak is also often made with these ingredients to create the typical freshness and richness of Japanese cuisine.


3. American Beef Steak - Steak Hai Phong


When it comes to high-class Beefsteak dishes in the world, American Beefsteak cannot be ignored. American Beefsteak has a thick and tender texture; adding a little red wine will enhance the flavor. How to make American-style Beefsteak is simple because the beef quality is guaranteed; add typical spices and American-style sauce to complete


Illustration photo of American Beef Steak - Steak Hai Phong


Illustration photo of American Beef Steak - Steak Hai Phong


The quality of beef is the most important factor affecting the taste of American Beefsteak. American beef is low in fat, provides iron, and is very healthy. American beef is usually served with fries and vegetables such as tomatoes and raw vegetables.


4. French Steak - Steak Hai Phong


Known as gourmets, the French always create special dishes with the love and skill of the chef. And beefsteak is no exception. French-style beefsteak brings the delicate, elegant, and luxurious taste of gourmet French.


Illustration photo of French Beef Steak - Steak Hai Phong


Illustration photo of French Beef Steak - Steak Hai Phong


Usually paired with a salad and a little French wine, French beefsteak is enjoyed in a cozy, shimmering space with dim yellow lights. The sauce is an indispensable element in creating the typical flavor of French beefsteak. The French have many different ways of preparing sauces in which. Beefsteak sauce with wine is one of the most popular. This sauce brings a rich and refreshing flavor to the dish. Besides, beefsteak with green pepper sauce is quite a popular way to make and create a delicious flavor for this dish. In particular, the French have a very attractive way of cooking beefsteak with Bearnaise sauce.


Above, Texgrill has learned with you about outstanding versions of steak worldwide. I hope to have provided you with useful information. To enjoy delicious beef steak with full flavor, please get in touch with us immediately with the information below!



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