Enjoy pizza wherever you are with Texgrill. Sometimes because you're too busy, say goodbye to expensive restaurants and call your home delivery pizza right away.

Texgrill - Pizza Hai Phong delivery

Perhaps the common mentality of many people, you will worry if the pizza delivered to your home will not be delicious, not hot or is less than the pizza at the store.

Contact Pizza Texgrill immediately, your worries and questions will be answered.

Texgrill Pizza at 27 Minh Khai, 111C Van Cao and Vinhomes Imperia are highly appreciated and trusted by Hai Phong followers.

Fresh, delicious pizza from bread crumbs to topping: Beef, chicken, seafood, .... fresh, hot. Pizza crust is made from pure white flour, crafted to make a crunchy and fragrant crust when baked.

Deliciously filled with delicious fresh ingredients, carefully selected: Fresh, clean vegetables, tomatoes, ... mingled with mozzarella cheese, fresh meats, seafood, ... create pizzas with Great taste, ecstatic. You can try 16 attractive pizza flavors at Texgrill, the most popular: Beefy pizza, Texgrill Special pizza, Pepperonis pizza, Carbonara pizza, ...

Delicious pizza home delivery free ship the first 5km. Too attractive for a choice is not the whole family. Enjoy pizza without having to go far.

In particular, do not forget to buy 1 get 1 free pizza every Wednesday at Texgrill!

For take-home purchase and delivery! Add a new experience with many pizza flavors at once, why not?

Texgrill- belongs to 3AE Group restaurant chain

27 Minh Khai - (+84)2253 822 689/02253 515 986

111C Van Cao - (+84)2253 653 450/(+84)2253 261 453

BH03-23, Boutique House, Manhattan 10, Vinhomes, Imperia (+84)2253,820,883

(Please call directly to the restaurant to order)